Information about living in the Dominican Republic

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Information about relocation to the Dominican Republic

Welcome to CASA BUSH - a different approach to relocating

We live in a place we think of as Paradise – the Dominican Republic.
It has some failings of course but then nowhere is perfect!

Do you want to live here too? ………. Have you got the 'right stuff'?
(And we don't just mean the stuff made of paper & coloured green.............)

  • Have you got a 'can do' attitude?
  • Do you possess a sense of humour?
  • Have you developed a sense of humility?
  • Can you smile & be cheerful whilst things are going wrong all around you?

You do? EXCELLENT! ……. Read on.............
(those who do not possess these attributes should STOP reading now!)

This is not a webpage for dependants, people who require hand-holding for relocating to &/or settling INTO to the Dominican Republic.

It is a website designed to give information based on our experiences over the last 14 years & of those we have helped over the last 8 years. It gives you the basics for you to follow through & do more investigations – those who do the research will prosper here, those who do not will flounder & become disenchanted …….. finally to leave with a very sour taste in their mouths.

This will be INFORMATION, not advice, you must make your OWN decisions based on the MASS of information available on the Internet & that which you will be told (some true, some NOT) by Ex-Pats already living here. The information you gleen from those frequenting bars all day is unlikely to be factual – it is information they have heard from other sources because their ‘experiences’ generally rarely involve more than raising their glasses to their lips.

Will you be a GOOD Ex-Pat., or a BAD one?

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